Fanning the Flames

Fanning the Flames

Saturday, November 6, 2010

For a Smile


For giggles and unrestrained laughter
For the smiles that reach across a face
For the familiar comforts that repeated stories bring
The trails that leave footprints in
sunny places
For great bear hugs that reach across great gulfs
Where gentleness is honored and love is not questioned
For the trust that falls like rivers over mountains
Crashing in thunderous roars

For our shared pains that are given names and
Released into the light
For the touch of a song that rocks us safely into darkness
Reminding us that we are not alone
For the friendships that are offered and accepted
For the tears and anger that we honor and release
For the scream that say, “No more.”
For no other reason than to love and be loved
To offer up and out our gifts that are useless without sharing
For no other reason but a smile.

To Dominique:a child who taught me much
Richard Nedervelt


  1. I wrote this years ago for a child in a half way house. He wished I could have been his father and I wish I could have as well. He touched my heart and so I wrote this for him so that he knew he was loved. Thanks Dominique

  2. how amazingly touching!
    please send this to poetry sites.....