Fanning the Flames

Fanning the Flames

Monday, July 25, 2011


I journeyed to my ancestral tundra tonight.

Back through time to the present.

Connecting with the people, with my people, to our people.

Together we heard the universal voice

Together we listened to the voice

Together we acted upon the voice

Together with love, in love, out of love

For all that is the love.

Around the fire light of a bar

Without flames the fire burned before us and within us.

We told stories of our ancestors

We shared the knowledge and the life

Our fathers smiled tonight as we retold our lessons

Our mothers beamed with pride as we became love.

No chance meeting, no accident as we collide,

No fear or hate as we become the borealis in the sky,

lighting the horizon from end to end.

Back through time to the present

We shared the breath of life, pure and simple.

Richard Nedervelt

(I was born in Anchorage Alaska and Jack and Joy were both from tribes in Alaska) What a blessed meeting...


  1. we become the borealis in the it.

  2. Hi Richard...First, love your poetry. Very centered, very beautiful.

    Second, I believe you JUST today met my young niece, Danielle, at your gallery. She's in Hawaii on vacation and she texted me me immediately (because 19-year old DO that, immediately! ;-) and said I had to google you and I had to read your poetry and I had to meet you sometime AND she said she told you I am also a writer. I love it when we're able to inspire the very young! What she may not have told you is that she's quite a writer herself. I'm planning to help her self-publish her short-short stories later this year. btw--my book is on Amazon (Two Weeks At Gay Banana Hot Springs by T. T. Thomas)with more out in about a month. I hope your poetry is being self-published as it's the way to go these days!

    Finally, thank you for being so kind to my niece Danielle and her step-brother Michael. go by my wbsite and get likes to my blog and Facebook.

  3. Aloha, Thomas.
    It was my pleasure to share with them my little wisdom. I wish someone would have been there for me, and would have helped me along my path. They are both amazing young adults and as I share with them it instantly returns to me when I see there souls smile in return. I published a book all the way back in 1987 but haven't tried again. If you can recommend a self-publisher, please let me know. My name is Richard Nedervelt if you would like to add me to Facebook that would be nice to touch base. Much Mahalo, Richard

  4. Meeting you at the gallery in Waikiki was such an auspicious event. Your poetry rocks! I am sure it touches the hearts and emotions of everyone who reads it or hears you speak it. I'll be back to you (prently have the flu). Am in the process of connecting to all your sites. We must get your books going. Thank you, special friend, for your heartfelt Aloha. ~ Mary Deal