Fanning the Flames

Fanning the Flames

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poem for my Fathers, "May they Rest in Peace and Love...

In this moment, we are gathered here to remember my mothers husband and our father.
In this moment, releasing this shell we name self,he has passed on.
In this moment, remembering the son, the father, the grandfather,the husband.
In this moment, sharing each others support, sharing our joy, and our sorrow.
In this moment we gather beside one another, contemplating this man,
and how he played a role in all of our lives.
In this moment, is the Truth, and the man.
He is like us all, born into this world, laughing, crying, working, playing, stumbling, rising, loving, and losing.
It is in this moment, that we see how incredible intertwined our lives are,
and how much in common we all share.
In this moment, we become one.
It is in this moment, we become free.
In this moment, families and friends gather to acknowledge my father,
But, it is in this moment, we remain.
It is in this moment that we must say, "I love you, I honor you, I’m here for you, and I hear you."
It is in this moment that we exist.
We have no minutes or seconds already passed;
we have no certainty of where our lives will end,
All we have is now.
All we have is each other.
All we have is the kindness and love we offer and receive.
All we have is this moment and nothing more.
In this moment, I show my respects, I show my love, my sorrow, my peace.
In this moment here with you, I share my moment and then it is gone.
Rest in Peace and Love Father, you are loved.

Richard Nedervelt

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